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We have a very exciting upcoming event with intuitive/medium Char Margolis! We hope to see you there - please click on the invitation below:

Our Mission: Helping elders and others on limited incomes care for and keep their beloved companion animals by providing support for veterinary, behavioral and nutritional needs; while also minimizing the number of animals being turned over to shelters. Promoting dignity and respect for people and their pets in need. And when feasible, addressing other animal-related needs in Santa Barbara. 

We could use your support! Take a look, and if you believe in our work, Please get involved & make a donation.

Click on the images of Akido and Violet below to see data measuring the impact companion animals have on individuals and the elderly (information courtesy of petpartners.org)

                             Akido       Violet

Click below to see Diana in her own words explain the work we do at Diana Basehart Foundation


Another video made at a special event:

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