Do you think the damage is irreparable? However, it is possible to keep relationship survive after a breakup.

If asked about the altar, most couples say that monogamy in marriage is a necessity, and that adultery should end the relationship. In fact, more than half of couples who have had extramarital affairs remain together.

Instead of separation, these couples reach a new agreement, and some marriages become stronger. If your relationship has been shaken by infidelity, how is it possible to save it? This is where to start.

Determine if you both agree to rebuild

Studies indicate that it is more difficult for a man to forgive his wife a sexual adventure than an emotional adventure, while it is more difficult for a woman to forgive her husband an emotional adventure.

Therefore, it is important to remember at the time of saving a relationship after a breakup that what seems to have less impact can have a devastating impact on our partner.



It’s a common place; you need to talk. Listen to each other without interrupting. Both must be heard and respected. Remember that understanding is not the same thing as acceptance; It is possible not to understand someone’s vision of another culture while trying to listen and admit that it makes sense to him.

It is the same with marital communication. The objective is to express without resorting to guilt, insults, abuse or threats of verbal abandonment. If you are not able to do it alone, ask for professional assistance.

Build new foundations

Once you have started to deactivate the emotional bomb, you can start cleaning and lay new groundwork. The fateful question knows if they have decided to stay together. Do not rush to make a decision.

The more you understand the causes that spawned that infidelity, and the role that each of you played in that situation, the more capable you will be to let that moment pass with grace and benevolence, or to continue together wisely towards a new agreement.

survive relationship

Sexuality: make love

After an adventure, some couples have renewed their sexual appetite: the betrayed partner wants to recover their partner, while the unfaithful person tries to reconnect with the other. Some other couples will avoid any sexual contact, which is a bad idea.

The longer you wait, the harder it will be to reconnect. Make love. Use your body, its vulnerabilities and your willingness to take risks, step by step towards the path of recovery. But don’t think this will be easy.


Can you forgive and forget? When it comes to infidelity, it is impossible. Why? You can’t forget, but you can forgive. As for trust, be totally disagree with the belief that it is earned. Trust cannot be earned; is delivered. Breaking up make a relationship stronger more than, before.