Dedicating to a trade can be satisfactory for professional life, but not for life as a couple. There are ten professions in which love ends quickly.

A Higher Education institution in the United States, conducted a study to find profession gets divorced the most are more common.

Some of the reasons found by the study show that jobs that require long trips, time-consuming and high-stress schedules can lead to divorce because the worker is away from their partner for a long time, and they don’t know how to deal with those situations.

The ten professions that end love

  • Dancers. The divorce rate of those engaged in dancing ends up affecting 43% of couples.
  • Bartender. If within the couple any one is dedicated to attending a bar as a “bar tender” it is likely that it will end up separating soon. According to the study, this profession is the leader of divorce.
  • Massage therapists The constant body contact of the masseuse with the patients has ended up affecting 38% of the couples in which one performs the trade.
  • Machine operator. The study could not identify the reasons, but found that 32% of people who work operating machines in a factory end up getting divorced.
  • Video game operator. Those who work in that trade have a divorce rate close to 31%. The so-called game testers are the people who test the effectiveness of the product, so they require a lot of stay at work.
  • Call center operator. This is one of the professions that generate more stress due to the constant contact they have with people who easily run out of patience and generate similar behaviors at home.

  • Nursing. A 28% of the relations with this office are finished due to the little flexibility of the schedules and to the constancy and dedication that the patients require.
  • Artists and athletes. The entertainment world is one of the main victims of divorces. Actors, singers and models are part of this path of professions that are harassed by divorce cases. Athletes are no exception, too much concentration and little sex. Divorce rate: 28%.
  • Security. Having night shifts is one of the great reasons for security professionals to be separated on a recurring basis. 28% divorce.
  • Journalism. Journalist can at any time make a note. They not having fixed schedules, and working even on weekends and holidays. It means that, those, who work in the media, have a 14% divorce rate. Many marriages of these profession end in divorce.